Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Right in the middle of a journey called life I encountered a fork, and I suddenly had a choice. In my life so far, I had been complaining about not getting enough choices. No alternative whatsoever. And now when I had to make a choice, I was perplexed. I wanted to go a mile into each of them, come back, and make the selection once again. Well, I could have done this anywhere, but not in the journey of life, where path once traversed is past and that can never be written off. I suddenly wish I hadn’t had this choice at all, at least not here, I can do better without options. Decision is not easy, more so when it is about my future. If it works, oohlala, but if it doesn't, I will be left with only myself to blame and whip. I thought and thought some more. And I am still thinking…

Monday, February 26, 2007

..zoooommmmm PJ!!

Italy is a beautiful country, its capital is Rome
Its 2340h, i must rush home..!!

thank you.. thnk u!


a memorable ride to office..!!

It happened sometime back. The day started on a usual note, and well.. ended on a usual note too. But not without making some memories. Thanks to Anil for etching it into memories of some who were part of that misery and many who were not.

(What!!!!! You don't know Anil!! Anil, Anil Jacob (..did it sound like Bond..James Bond!!) was the privileged manager to have a reportee like me for some two long years..! The man with the widest vocabulary in the entire.. entire.. uh.. ok.. entire project.. hehe!! jokes apart he really is a walking thesaurus.

Anil's version:

I got into crowded bus today morning (well being the last bus from BTM its understandable). To be more lucid, the bus and the foot-board was crowded, not the least because Anu madam decided to stand on the foot board. Now, this bus is the latest "United Travels" model, where the foot board is right in front, a la pour cousin de Volvo. Suffix is to say that Anu was on the foot board, right in front of the bus, squeezed to the glass (fortunately the glass is of industrial quality, otherwise the bus would have spilled over) holding onto the signboard (or route board).

It would have been quite a sight, looking from out side - a big bus coming with our big Anu right in front, holding a placard - BTM Water Tank. Bangalore is a busy place early in the morning, but everybody on the road had time to stop a bit, have a look at our bus and pass a smile - sometimes nodding to person next by. This sense of humour spread as we got stuck into the slow moving traffic in Hosur road (well moving is an euphemism, it was stuttering at best). Must say that Anu made the day for most of the hapless fellow travelers stuck in other contraptions in front of us. People will have sullen look, like oh when this jam going to end, but suddenly they look around see our bus (or Anu) and pop, a smile will come out!

Where was Shresta (hope I got the spelling right), you might be asking now. Well, she was turning into Shresth Kabab or some other dish up market hotels offer. As you know by now, the bus was crowded (esp the foot board) so our m'am took the drivers offer and sat on the bonnet. On normal days this is OK, since the engine doesn't heat up that much when the bus is running and the bonnet has some padding. But on abnormal days like this its quite hot under the bonnet. So out lady was turning pink with sun streaming through the front glass and well, pink again I guess with the engine steaming from below.

The bus indicator showed engine temperature as 60C, dunno how much we can trust that (remember its a la pour cousin de Volvo). Somebody tried to fan the poor lady's head, but I must say it was a bit at the wrong end. But she stuck on, braving the hot weather, like English lasses in colonial times. Finally the driver had a bright idea, he thought anyway Anu is there, why we need a board - so BTM Water Tank became the protective layer between the steaming engine and Shreshta. Finally a very pink lady sprang of the bonnet the moment bus came to a halt at gate 6 and people moved off the foot board. As for Anu, her romance with glass continued till somebody reminded it was time to get going, much to the annoyance of a Shikari Palaya villager who had just asked his friend to have a look at the bus.

* * * * * * * Good for a laugh today but on the day it was written just going by the number of people it was marked to, i didnt even know some of them, i had to write my version and hit "reply all" as soon as possible.. and that's exactly what i did!! :)

Anu's version:

It was a bright and sunny morning, normally if its pleasant I tend to sleep a little more J That’s what I did, but the eventualities of this are not as pleasant L So here I was rushing to the bus stop well past the usual time of the last Wipro bus from BTM to EC hoping to catch a glimpse of a long luxurious car with a young and handsome guy in the driving seat, wearing a blue tag, and anticipating the obvious question and ready to affirm at the first hint of it – “by any chance are you going to Wipro-ec office”..but unfortunately day wasn’t mine, we (me and shrestha) caught sight of a white “United Travels” bus with a placard which read – “EC-16L”.. our joy knew no bound(see the desperation to reach office, in place of car we found the ubiquitous Wipro bus but we were still happy about it).. this bus wasn’t just a usual morning bus, it was telling a story about itself, from 20 metres away only I could see the packed state of affairs, infinite number of people standing in the passage-way, and infinite others ready to storm inside.. shall we, shan’t we, shall we, shan’t we.. well, we boarded the bus thinking that it was going to be half an hour of pain, which sounded better than spending 80 rupees to reach office(car was absolutely out of mind by now)... here I manage to get into the bus and the only place where you could lean your body on was the place over the footboard behind the placard.. I was in for a surprise about the length of the journey and I decided to choose that place.. like me there were few others in for the same surprise and they sat on that engine which was in the early stages of warming up.. bus moved and stopped again at the same signal, because there was a gentleman standing in crisp formals – royal blue shirt, grey trousers, polished shoes, and an executive black laptop bag minus the laptop, who wanted to board the bus too. He was Mr Anil Jacob, dressed to leave an everlasting impression on the two big-shots from Pindar Support team who were expected in Wipro today.
Bus moved, Mr Jacob got a place to stand too, but unfortunately nobody was probably aware what he was dressed for and no consideration was given. He stood in the corner just above the footboard and there was one guy in front of him, one right next to him, and some five-six behind him.. all the cologne he would have put on got washed away in a matter of 10 minutes with the stream of sweat.. his face, which till now was glistening with the imported cream he purchased yesterday itself on the wake of the client visit, was glistening even more.. but eeee..well.. this time it wasn’t cream, it was sweat.. no it wasn’t that hot, but if there are six people standing as close as three inches away from you in a one hour-20 mins long bus ride, when you need to control the swing of your body whenever the driver applies brakes, it can get sweaty and dirty sometimes.. and when the stupid guy who was standing in front of anil dozed off and fell on him, you cant blame anil for getting extremely irritated.. after all its just human to get cheesed in such situations.. he didn’t say anything though, you must appreciate his patience friends, he is my role-model as far as patience goes, no kidding!
Well finally we reached office, I took time to get off the bus, I am sure you all know that, but when I got down, the sight was painful, anil, who was among the first few to get off (remember where he was standing).. was still only five metres away from the bus, ooff those guys had somewhere in the course of the journey stamped on his shoes, and they were not shining any more, his wrinkle-free shirt looked straight out of cloth-drier, and his hair was flying.. shit! What about the client visit.. well not much can be done, anyway you cant keep him from leaving an impression, “ITS ONLY WORDS AND WORDS ARE ALL HE HAD TO TAKE THEIR HEARTS AWAY.. DA RA DEE DA REE DA DA DA RA DEE DA REE DA DA.. “.. oops sorry I got carried away..
And as expected, customer visit was a success, they looked happy with Anil, just wonder why Phil Yeon was walking two meters away from Anil when they went for the Wipro-sightseeing! Any clue anyone..??

* * * * *

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

WOW is the word!!

“Unable to suppress a smile, reason is for you to figure
Something is getting better, something is getting bigger!!”

Nothing else matters..!!

Wrote a couple of days back in a weird mood, if you happen to read it, and find it weird, do leave a note behind.

I don’t know why this is happening to me but this feeling is as true as it can be
I want to touch the sky and river flowing by
Want to smell the spring and fill it inside me
Freshness in the veins and freshness on the skin
I want to feel refreshed, freshness deep within
Some one walks into your life, and walks out of it too
Walks past all your dreams and walks past you
Who has gained and who has lost, what pain at whose cost
Life is mine and I will take control, dignity to heart and peace to the soul
I will dance in the rain, will sleep under the sky
Watching the stars and the moon
Who will be there for me, forever..
Moon also will walk out one day, nothing is steady in the world
Won’t I miss the moon, oh is that a question
The thought makes me sick, my world without a moon
But I want moon to be happy too, I wish the world’s best for you
..wherever you go whatever you do, I will be right here praying for you!
Nothing stays forever, change is the only thing that stays
I want myself to change too, and nothing else matters this day..!