Sunday, March 25, 2007

Love Story..!!

She was in XI then. It was her second year in this school. A versatile genius, she excelled in all round activities, be it academics, sports, extra-curricular, she was right up there. If that was not all, she was quite a looker too. Big eyes, perfect figure, nice black long hair, a nice composed demeanor, and a thousand watt smile. Needless to say, after possessing so many virtues, it is hard not to be popular.

He was new in this school. Admitted in the XI Commerce, this was his third week in this school. Standing at 5'10'' those sweet chocolate looks, wind also wanted to stay away from him fearing it might soil his skin. He looked innocent as a lamb, and spoke only when he could not avoid. No that was not the usual him. Just the starting problem. Though he was anyway selective in people he spoke too. He also noticed her.

She noticed him too. Oh did i forget to tell you about the most important trait of her character. This girl was naughty beyond imagination. She was (in)famous for her pranks as well, a fact he was oblivious of.

Week three for our innocent gentleman in the school. Lunch break just got over, everyone was hurling back to the classrooms and in that two minutes of chaos after which dust settles down, she went to his desk, where he was sitting for the past ten minutes doing nothing. She looked him straight in his eyes, and told him they needed to talk about something. And they needed to talk the same day! His face was a shade of pink when she spoke to him. He found it difficult to concentrate in anything in class for the rest of the day before the last period. He kept thinking what could this be about, had he unknowingly, unintentionally done something. What could this be about? Her eyes definitely carried some emotion. He kept recalling her face in his mind, and kept recollecting the look in her eyes. They carried some… or perplexed.. confused…or may be some anxious looks. But her face was so calm, and serene, and tranquil... She thought she was pretty. Ok, but this was not the time to think about all that, what in the world was the common business in them! What the heck did she want to talk about.

Anyway, here we were in the last period. He was waiting for (read dreading) this moment till now. From the corner of his eye he saw her walking towards him. He tried to pretend he had forgotten about it completely. But when you have a complexion like that, you skin color does more talking than your eyes. He gave away, she knew he was pretending, but the matter at hand was serious and there was no time to get into such trivia. He got up and followed her to the back bench. Yes, this was where they sat. Obviously, you don’t expect to sit them right in front when all they wanted to do was talk.

They exchanged some pleasantries, some weather forecast, and how boring the day was, for half a minute. Both of them knew this was not what they wanted to talk about. There was a 20 seconds pause, after which she started with the real context. She said, “There is something I wanted to share with you. But words do not come easy when you want them to.”
He looked tensed.
She continued,” I will not waste lot of time. Those three little magical words. You would have heard those n times before, here and there.”
He was a shade of red.
“I did not do not know how to say, but I thought a lot over it, and it is getting increasingly difficult for me to stay without telling you about it.”
Crimson. Few drops of sweat on his forehead.
“So I have decided I must tell you irrespective of the probable consequences..”
“… look at me.. into my eyes..”
Blood Red.
She looked more tense than him, and finally blurted out, “.. JAI MATA DI”. She smiled.. and laughed a controlled laughter. One in which you laugh uncontrollably without letting out any hint of sound.
Blood Red in sweat -> Pink in sweat -> Managed a smile between his huffs and puffs -> And finally composed himself and laughed along.

After eight years of courtship, they got married last month.
This is my favorite real life love story. You guys make a very cute pair, God bless!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Change is the only constant..!!

People say I have changed.
I don’t know if that’s a compliment or well..! But looks like people usually use this line only to express negative emotions. As Usha (Specialist, Line Behavior Skills) put it, if people say you have changed, say a big thank you, and tell them you always wanted to. I laughed when she said that. And I moved on.
But the little trouble now is I have started getting this feeling too, there may be n things about me which I wanted to change and may be would have been a success to some extent, but there were few which were my core assets, am I losing out on them. I remembered birthdays, I still do. I used to wish everybody earlier, I don’t do that now. You ask me why and I have no answer. I always caught up with friends, I rarely do that now. My reasons – I have no clue. They think I am always out of time. Believe me that is no true, but beyond this I don’t know.
After a realization hits you, the next thing you want to do, if the world has not crumbled in front of your eyes already, you want to work upon it before it starts crumbling. A feeling of guilt for no real sin of yours, but just the thought of letting some of your dear ones down, and not bothering about those who meant (ugh!).. mean to you. They tagged me a workaholic, and it pissed me no end. Today I am forced to think if they have a point. Coming out a winner does not come easy, especially when you are a woman in a man’s world, and that’s not all. You don’t speak their language, and you don’t always agree with their perception. Hmm.. now the frustration is coming out. Oh I can write a book on these but the point I am trying to drive here is something very different. Ofcourse I want to excel, but I don’t want to murder my personal life for that. Its anyway dying, the social angle to it is injured, and I am trying hard to resuscitate it all.
Reforms are slow and painful. They need to gather pace, gather that required momentum before that feeling of guilt goes off, which means that most importantly it has to start.
I had a bad toothache for almost half-an-hour at any random hour during the day for the past a week or so. To understand a toothache you have to feel it! Its killing nothing less. Popping proxyvons might not be the best of the things to do. So I decided to see a doc. I planned to see a doc on Thursday, and I planned this on Sunday. Now any bright brain would ask a question here, a painful toothache, and you go to a doc on Thursday? And why not on Monday itself, that too just in case Sunday is completely over. The simple answer is – we didn’t get tickets for any movie on Monday. Tuesday, I was busy and Wednesday Sumi di was busy. And I had to meet Sumi di. After all, she is my cousin, a close relation in Bangalore, who I hardly meet. I want to meet her more often.
So we got tickets for the 1905h show in PVR classic cinemas. I booked the tickets online. Well on someone else’s expense, and that someone else does not even know about it. Haha! She will get a shock when she comes to know of it. Yo, one of my best friends and bank. She as a good deed once gave me her card details as I had to book my air-tickets and she didn’t have access to net. And since then she has been cursing that moment, the planetary positions and the astral details of that dark moment in her life. The only thing going for her this moment is the expiration date of her credit card, its next month.
Ok, so I had to leave office early too. Six would have been too late, and the only other option was four. (Buses are at six after four from office). But wasn’t four too early, yes it was. So, we could adjust an appointment with the dentist here.
I met the dentist’s daughter at five. My dentist wasn’t at work just that chosen day. She said he had some urgent engagement today itself, otherwise he is always found at his clinic every day at this time. Wow! What luck Anumeha Ajay! So I have sometime to spare now. I go and sit in the Reliance webworld at the forum mall and get back to orkut after 7 long days. There is good number of scraps, and I am determined to reply to them all, and some more. I do my orkut, and my yahoo and leave.
I buy tickets for two sweet cheapsters from my office, meet Sumi di in a while and go for the movie – ‘Just Married’. Movie was a sweet surprise, as I didn’t expect anything from Fardeen Khan and Esha Deol. I was going there for the heck of watching a movie, Sumo had already seen all the nice ones playing there. The only element of hope was Meghna Gulzar, after all she would not have got her genes from nowhere. I think expectations play a crucial part in your liking and disliking for a movie. With zero expectations, this movie sure came out very good. Lead pair didn't disappoint too much. Nice, sweet and clean. We ate and drank through the movie and after that also.
Had a nice day, and marked the starting of the reform. Hope the good times continue!

Friday, March 16, 2007

turned the tide..!!

woh aaye hamein giraane aur khud hi gir gaye

hadbadaye,badbadaye, aur girte hi chale gaye