Tuesday, July 17, 2007

humor of the day!

It was Bhaiya, Roshni, Iya and I in the mail loop this morning. Bhaiya and Rosh, just back from Anurag Bhaiya's wedding, shared some snaps. It was Bhaiya who was sending these snaps actually. After some 3-4 set of snaps also when Shweta Bhabhi could not be spotted in any of the snaps, Iya asked Bhaiya for Bhabhi's pics.

Iya: Kamse kam dulhan ki ek photo bhej dijiye!!!!

Bhaiya: Main doosron ki biwiyon ki taraf nahi dekh raha tha.


Is it true?

Is it true that you can live without what you thought you can't live without? World is full of such examples. Then why do people think they can't live without some xyz. Is there a force bigger than the zest to live.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Phoenix.. rose again from ashes!

After India's sad debacle and fall out from the world cup, when the world was busy ridiculing the Indian cricket team, and more than anyone else Sachin Tendulkar, my brother, who was an ardent fan of Sachin, posted "Death of a Devotee" in his blog. He blamed Sachin for not giving him a world cup, and removed his name from the list of Sachin's greatest fans.

It was most unexpected. I left a note there:
"Jadeja came on NDTV and said couple of things, thought i might share one of those here. ".. you give your best player the slot he wants, and he does the job for you. Sachin was never performing in middle order when he was as you say PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY THERE, you gave him the opening slot and rest was history. he still dislikes middle order and enjoys opening, but just to accomodate all other players you want in the team, you ask your best players to change their batting position.. this is unfair..." he sure didnt perform, but i still appreciate him for all the good years he has given to indian cricket and feel that in place of giving us the much desired world cup, he deserved to win one for himself..too bad that could not happen. i still love Sachin!! "

He immediately realized this perspective and said perhaps Jadeja had a point. This was said in his next post.

After this 2-1 win against South Africa, my brother is back in the Sachin fan club. And there is again a new post in his blog to put a seal on this.

I am happy!

And all the ungrateful people out there, know a fact of life - Sachin is the Best!