Monday, August 20, 2007

If Only..

He got up in sweat, his tee clinging on to his body
and droplets settled on his forehead
he wanted water, and a hand to comfort him.
He could not believe this hand was hers,
his most loved one
who had died in front of his eyes just a couple of minutes back..
Yes she had died in front of his eyes
without him being able to tell her that he loved her
without she being told that he cared for her
without having him express his true feelings for her
because she probably should have known it
she should have read his mind which always had Work written on it
She knew he was the greatest kisser
but did she know if he was a great lover too..
She died before he could know she was a marvelous singer
who also wrote music and lyrics sometimes
and all she wrote was for him.
He was uneasy as hell for not being able to let her know
that he loved her like no one ever loved anyone
Apologetic and broken, guilty and shattered
He cried at the thought of she not knowing that he loved her so
and suddenly she was gone..
And in the morning when he felt her hand on his shoulders
he freaked, shrieked, and thanked life for being able to see her again
beautiful and lovely
he needed to tell her that she was beautiful and lovely
And before a usual day could start
he got signs that his nightmare wasn’t over, that this day was just a lease
and he had only this day to tell her how he felt for her
last day of togetherness, last day on earth
he filled her day with love
pure and sacred, blissful and passionate
He made her feel she was the most beautiful person on the earth
and also told her so
he reassured her that she was still as adorable as she was on their first day together
and also told her that she was a great musician
who composed the most melodious tune
brought life to that composition with most memorable words
and sung so very captivatingly in the most soul-stirring voice..
He took her out for dinner, to a place she loved and he was not particularly fond of
and did not forget to hold her hand
and did not forget to get her a surprise gift
and the gift was a bracelet which held reminisces of all the good times they shared..
And before the lease was over, he traded her life with his own...
..not before letting her understand that love is not bound by life and death is beyond that!

He was helped, he got premonitions, not everyone gets. Express yourself, say it.. I pray it lasts forever but God forbid what if life doesn't..!

Ting tong.. wake up!

Life is getting busier. In this hustle-bustle of life we are forgetting just one thing - Self. Perhaps married ones are slightly better off than the singletons. One, they have someone to go home to, someone to share the entire day's happenings with. And two, attitude at the work place is slightly different (read easy-going) with the married ones. If there is endless work to finish and need extra hours attention, married people with definite other responsibilities are more likely to get away. But that does not mean that I cannot stand up for my right. I will be listened to when I will speak up, not before that.
This work culture amazes me. And I am sure I too amaze many out there. People sacrifice everything for work to take home some peanuts, some insult from the immediate seniors you do not look up to, and pride of completion of yet another challenge applauded by no one except self. Youth is long over when people realize an important phase of life, supposedly the most exciting to most, is over without getting noticed. But what was the trade? What did you trade your youth with? Hope you are happy with the deal. Hope you can call yourself successful at least. I am thinking about it, you think about it too. Or just wake up!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cool Water!

Vishal sent a bottle of Cool Water for me. That’s my favorite perfume. This is supposed to be my birthday gift. Thanks a ton Vishal! I will cherish this gift till it lasts. Then buy another one for me :)

Before coming back from Scarborough I decided to buy two bottles of Cool Water, one for mummy and one for myself. I bought one for mummy but since it was a little over my budget, I decided not to buy for myself, may be some other time. I was almost out of that store when I thought about it once again. I have loved this perfume for a couple of years now. It was time now to own one. I stepped back into the store, but was caught in a dilemma again. Finally I ended up buying its deodorant and not the perfume. It has the same fragrance, didn’t have to spend all that much, I was almost happy.

Now I am very happy, I have both the perfume and deodorant of Cool Water! :)

Life’s like that!

After three months stay in UK it was my first day in office. I forgot to carry my I-card which I realized after reaching office. I went to the security desk, identified myself, and asked for a temporary identity card. The lady at the desk matched my face with the snap of mine she held in her database, and then she issued me a temporary card. But there was no access card tagged along which is usually given to an employee with a temporary id card. It is to give you easy accessibility to your workplace which is so important. I asked for it. She said No Madam we can not give you one. I thought may be things had changed in these three months. But yeh kya baat hui, so i asked her why was that? And the reason was hilarious. She was looking at my data which showed I was on an onsite assignment. So she said madam we can not issue you an access card as you are still onsite. I managed to smile, and after a pause just gave it a little try. I said I am standing in front of you in flesh and blood. Isn’t that enough!
No madam. My computer doesn’t say so.
Ok, I smiled and proceeded without an access card and kept bugging people the entire day whenever I wanted to go out, and whenever I wanted to come in.