Sunday, November 18, 2007

aur duniya na dikhe

Dard hai phir bhi nainon mein pyaar umde pyaar bahe
bandhanon mein preet jakdi kya zamaane se kahe
man thame phir bhi kahe tum maun hi rahna sakhe
band kar lo dono aankhein aur duniya na dikhe

Associations lead to Disassociations!

Impractical as it may sound, it is quite a common phenomenon. People give up some of their dearest of things because they associate these things with some people in their lives. Subsequently like and dislike towards these things becomes commensurate with friendship or relationship with the person it is associated with. For instance, some people start avoiding their favourite fragrances after the person who wore it walks out of their lives. Some associate some songs with people or with some moments spent with them. These songs, which were beautiful always, suddenly start sounding painful after things do not remain the same between them.
Why should you give up something that you like for someone who doesn't care?

Talk about human behaviour

16 grown-ups sitting in a circle. One game of Chinese whisper. Being played as part of corporate training. Trainer whispers something in the first person’s ear. I am third in the sequence. I hear one word whispered to me, and that is what I pass on. People are taking longer suddenly in the middle in passing the word. It is whispered into the last person’s ear. She has to now say out aloud. She says, “When you ask for a pencil, you get a pair of scissors.” Coming reverse in the same circle, you see some –
a. smiling faces – expression reads – yeah that’s right!
b. confused faces – expression reads – oh! This is not what I said.
c. stunned faces (includes mine, and the trainer’s too) – expression reads – what!!!!

Word to be passed on was “Serendipity”.

Can someone explain please.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let it free!

I know it smiled often
But I had seen it restless too a couple of times
I was trying to read its mind
And I could see, well not exactly see but may be faintly make out
It was perhaps planning to leave
Did I really read this?
I am not too sure, but I thought I did
I needed to act upon fast
So very soon I caught it unaware
When it was in deep slumber
I held it firmly, gripped it tight
Pushed it into a can and closed the lid.
I locked the can, tied it with a rope
And fastened it to one of the solid iron bars of the store room window
I checked on it every couple of hours
But could not believe the fact
That it still escaped.

Relationships and friendships flourish when let free. As someone rightly said:

“If you love someone, set him free
If he comes back, he is yours
If he doesn’t, he never was.”