Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's wrong with them?????

Some people can go on cursing their destiny. With such people you can choose to get into one of these modes:

  1. Console – say every dark cloud has a silver lining. Believe me it never helps.
  2. Sympathize – tell them you understand. They will shoot back saying no one can understand until put through the same situation.
  3. The hybrid, sympathize and console - say every dark cloud has a silver lining. Tell them you understand. Believe me it never helps. They will shoot back saying no one can understand until put through the same situation.
  4. Listen and keep quiet – Say hmm..hmm..hmm.. and mind your own business. Do this and they will pick up all dark clouds of your life and show there is absolutely no silver lining in your dark clouds. All such people will get together and conspire and prove to you that your glass is not half but three-fourth empty and that there is a hole at the bottom of your glass. Whatever you do it will never fill up.

Try to avoid the fourth option. This can ruin your life.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Its all coming back to me now..!

I felt nostalgic. I was on the terrace. I could look down to the world, the old one and the new one too. This new world came up in front of my eyes. I have followed its progress right from its initiation days. I went to the far end of the terrace, and sat on the bar. This was the place from where I used to keep an eye on people in amphitheatre. They could not imagine someone watching them from the terrace and often were perplexed as to how I exactly knew what they were doing. I use to amuse myself a lot this way.
It was often some unprecedented incident that brought me here, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. I remembered coming to terrace with some friends at office. We danced in the rain and got soaked. We had lots of work unfinished, there was no way we could go home this early. It was just 3 in the afternoon. None of us had a change of clothes. But we lived the moment and jumped in the water, splashed it, danced, sang, had fun. And when we came back, there were some bewildered eyes, and some crazy uproar, lot of noise, thousand and one questions, also questioned was our sanity, but all in good humor. We enjoyed.
And then there was this major showdown with my manager. It left me shaking with anger. I could have lost my temper so badly inside the workplace, and that was the last thing required on earth. I raced towards the terrace again and stood there for a long time. I cried, with ease, nobody could have spotted me there. I regained composure and came back a little better.
And there were tea sessions with friends. The elevation made us feel on the top of the world. It was a beautiful view from there. And the terrace gave us enough space to run and talk, play around, click pretty pictures of the very picturesque site down, took crazy pictures of ourselves fooling around on the terrace, listened to Radio City, unwound.
Standing there sometimes, looking down into the bus bay, observing the mayhem before the buses left, and the silence after they were gone, and humming to myself – “kaarwaan guzar gaya, gubaar dekhte rahe..” for some unknown reason.
Months passed away without going there even once. And when I went there today, I relived my stint in this organization, all the happy times, and all the sad times, that made memories. I felt bad.. I felt good.. I felt nostalgic.

Guess who is back!

I missed this place terribly. All these days this site was blocked in the office :( But not any longer :)