Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Daddy Strongest!

I had just turned six when we moved to Udhampur from Gurdaspur. This meant lot of new things - a new place, new house, new friends and a new school. Thus far in life, the only way I knew to commute to my schools (the previous two) was on the bicycle with our batman bhaiya (I still wonder why sahayak’s in Army are called batman!). But this school was a little far and hence I was supposed to commute in the school bus. Papa dropped me on the first day. He introduced me to the Principal, my class teacher, showed where my class was, and also the bus area. Now this school had two gates, one in the front and one at the back. We had come from the front gate, but the buses stood at the back gate. Papa told me to go to the bus area outside the back gate when the school gets over and get into the bus number 36. I am sure I was too excited about being at the new school, finding new friends and I would have ‘pretended’ to have understood all the instructions. He left soon after for his office. In the afternoon after the school got over, students marched in two different directions, some towards the front gate for the civil bus and some at the back gate for the army school buses. I was kind of sure where I had to go. I wanted to go to the gate where I came from. This is how it worked in the last two schools. I was not even interested in knowing where the other line of students was marching to. So I came out of the first gate and started looking for bus 36. This proves I tried to follow Papa’s instructions, just that I didn’t catch all of them. Bus 36 was not to be seen anywhere. Let alone 36 there was no ‘shaktimaan’ (a big green army bus.. looks like a truck though) bus here at all. I started running here and there to see if I could spot my bus before it was too late. But to no avail. The civil buses and private vehicles started moving out of the parking place. My heart started racing, my eyes welled up and felt completely lost at this new place. This school was far, this place was new, I didn’t know how to go home. Tears were rolling down and soon I was crying at the top of my voice. Because of the high volume, I managed to draw attention of a couple of teachers and some students who were waiting for there bus to come. This was the last bus which usually came very late. One of the teachers approached me and asked me what the matter was and which bus was I supposed to get into. As soon as she heard I had to board bus 36, she said I had to go to the back gate and the buses would have left. I was feeling completely lost, literally. In that state of chaos, through the blurred vision caused by tears in my eyes, I saw a one-ton (it is a kind of army vehicle) turning towards the parking and I saw Papa sitting inside. In no words can I explain the relief I felt when I saw Papa’s face. It was like getting my life back inside me. I ran to him, clung on his legs and cried like hell. He didn’t say much, just kept coaxing me till we reached home.
Papa still has the same way of appearing from nowhere, has the same effect of bringing me to peace when the scene around is most chaotic. I know he can handle and he will handle everything. My Papa is the best Papa in this world!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lady in Red

We were thinking of anagrams today and lo which anagram tops the list of my favorites: Anil Reddy – Lady in Red. Once again we broke into convulsions of laughter. And incidentally today itself while looking for an old mail, I came across this masterpiece from Amit.
Addy, your name sure is versatile :)


When can you call yourself successful? Is there a destination or is it an eternal journey. Can you someday get up and announce now I am successful? Ok may be not announce but feel so. Do you think you are successful?


Why not?

Friday, April 4, 2008


WASE 2002 completes 5 glorious years!

Rain rain don't go away!

Popping migraine tablets and working late hours has been the story yet again for past couple of months. No, things are still not much better. Every night I still sleep with the famous line “life is calling where are you?”. Though thankfully I didn’t get into one of those frustrated phases. I was enjoying till a few days back. But in the last few days, I started feeling the fatigue. And it was at the zenith of its capacity on the Wednesday gone by. I needed a break so badly. I wanted to just switch my phone off for a few days and switch myself off along as well. I dragged myself out of the office and went to the basement to ride back home. I often come back home with Kapil on his dashing CBZ! :) There was a chill in the air. Shrestha had warned me about the rain but there was no trace of rain when we came out and hence there were no two thoughts about the mode of transportation. Now after we reached half way which is almost in the middle of no where, it started pouring. I could smell the rain washing the dry parched land all around us. And the showers were quite heavy. But in place of getting uncomfortable about this sudden situation, I had already started enjoying it and wanted to enjoy it a lot more. We were right in front of the M2 office and Kapil asked if we should be stopping there. I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to say that upfront as Kapil might not have been keen on getting soaked. After all he was the one who had to ride in that downpour, and that too with his power glasses. But he also decided that there was no point in stopping after getting soaked already. And then we continued. I loved the ride till home. I hummed all the nice rain songs I could think of all along. It proved to be such a stress buster too. I went home and had a sound sleep which is not a regular phenomenon of late. And the mood is back on track :)