Monday, June 9, 2008


"liye sapne nigahon mein chali hoon teri raahon mein zindagi aa rahi hoon main.."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Great Expectations

Experience, from stone ages, has been the biggest teacher. You have read or heard this umpteen times in your life but you don’t know until you learn from your own experiences. After coming to Bangalore there was some more learning in life, some theoretical some practical. One of the theoretical learning was – “you must not expect anything from anyone. This leads to misery and nothing else”. And I must have used this line like a hundred times to preach others. But recently I came to realize that you become a saint if you stop expecting from people, especially who you are close to. How can you not expect!! What kind of bond would that be where people don’t expect from each other. At work it is quite straight forward, something is expected out of you all the time. Great if you please and please some more, good if you manage to meet the expectations, and your next year is sure going to be dreadful if you did not meet the expectations that the organization has from you. So at work it is quite mechanical and defined. But when it comes to relationships, you can not be so mechanical. As long as expectations are met, things are in control. But as soon as a person starts falling short of your expectations there starts a string of differences, bawling, sobbing, yelling, howling and threatening. The “expector” feels betrayed or neglected and the “expectee” feels pressurized and smothered. Does no good to any one here!
So its time now become wiser and work towards achieving sainthood. Life will be a lot better if I manage to go half way through.
I suggest the same to you, but I know you will not learn this lesson from my experience, nobody really learns such lessons from anybody else’s experiences.