Saturday, August 16, 2008


ret par chalte the pehle, do khush jode kadmon ke
ek thak kar tham gaya aur doosra badhta hi chala

jodte donon ko ab bhi, hain kadam ke kuchh nishan
gham to hai donon ke mann mein, joda yeh kyun bikhra hi kyun
aur ab jo yeh ho hi gaya to kyun leher aati nahi..

bheed mein rone ki khwahish - poochhenge log sau sau sawaal
raat bhar takiye ko seencha, sookha gala aur aankein hain laal
sunte the hum ki din naya, laata ummeedein saahas naya
aur jab samjhaya khud ko to kyun seher aati nahi..

na khat likha na koi baat hi ki, par yaad to aati rahi
har dopahar veeran sadak par, woh nazar jaati rahi
roz daakiya dar pe aaya, roz khat padh aankhein thi nam
chaha nashe mein khud ko bhulana, kyun bekhudi chhaati nahi..

Monday, August 11, 2008


I was talking to my parents this morning when I got this news. India bagged a ‘Gold’ in the Olympics! Yeyyyy! I mean yeyyyyyyyy!! I am sure there are thousands of Indian cynics out there who are not so excited about this and may just brush this off by a mean – Why are we going gaga over one Olympic medal? The nations that really win easily win over a cent. And we celebrate one! And I say a “Shut up!” to all of them. It is not often that you hear India bagging a medal and that too a Gold in Olympics. How often do you see the tricolor being hoisted and Jan-gan-man being played at such international events? Lets celebrate an achievement and not undermine it. Lets take pride in this one medal and hope, pray, and strive for more. Jai Hind!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Woh bhooli daastaan..!

This incident happened some ten years back. I was in twelfth grade. Ours was a small colony where everybody knew everybody. There were only eight families actually so knowing everybody wasn’t such a big deal. It was a Separated Family Accomodation (SFA) which meant all the Dads were away serving some field stations or non-family stations and families were left behind.

During summer vacations it was the most enjoyable time when all our mothers used to assemble at one place and all the kids at some other. And the two gatherings would keep busy till late in the evening. But after the vacations got over most of the kids got busy with studies, tuitions, but mothers’ routine didn’t change much. They still had their share of evening walks and post walk snacks and nimbu-paani break. While all the moms enjoyed being there, moms with small kids at home found it difficult to be there for long. So on one hand they wanted to be gossiping with the group, they also had small kids, waiting to paint the walls or do some damage at home, to take care of. So they usually went back early (earlier than the others) with heavy hearts. One such mom one day came to my house and sat to chat with my mom. All other moms followed. They were having a gala time when this mom realized the kids were let loose for long. She not wanting to go was stuck with no alternative. That’s when my mom like an angel, for her, intervened to show her a divine path. She suggested that this mom should go back and get her kids also to our house. They will sit and study with didi in the dining room. (This didi in question was me). I heard my mom say this and I couldn’t believe she said this. I mean just because you all are having a good time, am I expected to baby sit!! Well, this mom was back in less than 3 minutes with her two small boys. The elder was in first grade and the younger in upper kindergarten. They were asked to join me in dining room where they came running, all too pleased to study (!) with me (!!). Well!!

As soon as they stepped in started a series of questions ranging from what is a goblet to why did we have a certain poster in our dining room (that looked vulgar to their sensibilities), to why our ‘TV’ in dining room was called an OTG, and so forth? I was in no mood to allow any further quizzing, so I decided to quiz them. Clever.. he he he! So I told them I would be giving them ten jumbled words. All will be names of some animals and the person who gets most answers correct is the winner. I asked them to have patience for five minutes to allow me to set the question paper, and then make a copy of it so that both get their own copy. They showed patience and the paper was ready. I thought my genius worked. Now I could be at peace for half an hour at least after which I will give them another set. Before I could finish reading one page of the book I was reading (I was studying.. I also studied..ok..) the elder one submitted the paper, and within ten seconds of him, the younger one also submitted. I checked and I found both of them got all correct. All my TIGER, LION, DEER, BEAR, ELEPHANT and the likes were in place. Very good I said and before I could say something more, I was requested for one more paper. I prepared one more, and this time I also had GIRAFFE and ALLIGATOR and JAGUAR and the likes in it. But this time also they didn’t take anything more than 5 minutes. Ok so my game wasn’t going very well! But guess who comes for my rescue. They ofcourse! They volunteered to set a paper for me this time. I was only too happy to allow them to do it, knowing jumbling the words alone would take ten minutes. But in less than 5 minutes yet again, my question paper was ready. They didn’t look too pleased with themselves and the reason was they couldn’t think beyond 8 words. And hence I just had 8 questions on my paper. I, like a true senior, pepped them with some kind words and appreciated the eight they could put together. And then I began solving the paper.

I had no idea what the first word was. I moved to word number two after spending 30 seconds on the first word. They looked pleased with my inability to crack their puzzle. But well, the second word was easy, just that they had misspelled it. It was a scrambled ‘hairpin’. They had given me an ‘a’ in place of an ‘i’. And I suspected more errors of this sort across the paper. But the younger one shrieked, “no didi, this is not the right answer..uffo..”. and I looked at them with a ‘well I understand’ look. But no, this didn’t make them happy. So the elder one decided to speak, “didi I will give you a hint, all these are different types of fishes”. Different types of fishes!! Fishes!! Are you serious?? They were serious ofcourse! They had collected these names from the numerous shows on Discovery channel which happened to be their favourite channel. I was clueless as to what to do next. I looked for a SHARK or a WHALE, or may be a BLUE WHALE. Tried a DOLPHIN, a GOLDFISH and this was all I had in my vocabulary. I could not answer even one correctly. My ‘hairpin’ turned out to be ‘PIRANHA’ (I know I know there is a movie by this name, but I heard about that movie much later). So kids came out with flying colours and didi in twelfth scored a 0 on 8.

I hated them so much that moment and their laughter sounded so much like a demon’s in Alif Laila! They sat there for at least an hour more engrossed in their own studies. And I was engrossed in mine, just that nothing was penetrating through my mind any more. Too much television everywhere..hunh!