Thursday, October 30, 2008

There is a law and there is a hope...

What goes up must come down! September elated me, and October was a dampener. Caught me offguard and shook me completely. I am glad this month has come to an end. I hope so has the flavour that it brought with it.
More later...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


tumul kolahal kalah mein, main hriday ki baat re mann..

Monday, October 13, 2008

September was for Friends

What a month that was!
- Kapil sends an i-pod nano for me :)
- My travel plan gets finalized. Iya throws a surprise party. I go there with Shrestha. And there i get to meet Sandy, Anubhav, Jose and Taj. And ofcourse Aman too! There is cake and there is wine and there is food and there are games. Some singing and dancing.. we (me and Shrestha) stay over at Iya's place.
- Shrestha buys me a pair of shoes. I needed one pair so badly! :)
- There is a buzz in the group to celebrate each and every day before I leave for US.
- Smita Di (who i had not met in the last five years) sponsors my ticket for Kolkata to ensure I meet my parents and dadi before coming, and ofcourse her too. :) She buys me a Hidesign bag, of my choice :)
- I team up with my Dad and surprise my mom and dadi by appearing from nowhere :)
- After coming back, Shiks and Vineha decide to raid my humble abode. They stayed over two nights. Idea was to spend time together. :)
- Mike, Ashwathy and Rahul take me out to Barista at Leela Palace at midnight. Why at midnight? I wasnt free any other time :)
- Anubhav takes the the gang out for lunch at Herbs n Spices. It was my last day in office. In the hectic days gone by i had not realized what all can change when i come back. Anubhav makes me realize this, and this is the first time i get emotional about this entire thing. We part on a happy note though. :)
- Shree gives me something very special. Its Ganesha, who will protect me from all evil :)
- Shrestha and I decide to dine out at midnight. Shall we go, shall we not, shall we.. shall we not.. and two tired but starving people head for Leela Palace for a midnight meal. Actually Iya had suggested a plan and a place, but dropped the plan as there was not a pin also that i had packed. And i had begun to get nervous.
- Taj calls. We are out at Leela and between the calls we are unable to talk. I know Taj is in Chennai and I can talk to him later also. Had not spent any time with Shrestha so I tell Taj I am sleepy. Smell something fishy. Wait for him to say something while pretending i am sleeping. And next thing i know is he is in Bangalore :) and standing outside my house :) He comes over to Leela. Picks up Shiks also on his way. :)
- Final day Mike, Ashwathy, Bhanu and Vineha give me a beautiful gift. Its a picture of them. Its wonderful!
- Iya comes over to see me off.
- Sandy comes over to see me off.
- Taj comes over to drop me to the airport. (Reminds me of the journey to airport Taj)
- Shrestha takes care of everything i have no time for but need to be done. Her brain is still working when I am like an inch away from insanity. She gets some food packed as well. And she gets the most beautiful card which looks like was created with us in mind.
- We head for airport and the journey is most interesting. I almost had a heart attack. Sandy really helped by enquiring aloud about next flights to Mumbai. She is sure I will miss the flight. :)
- Shrestha distributes food to us. Resource crunch. Only one person can eat at a time. She is the hungriest of us all. She still eats the last.
- Iya saves me by telling Taj in whispers just loud enough for me to hear that we are heading in the wrong direction. I was gasping for oxygen after that. :)
- We reach the airport just in time. And yet again I hear my name being announced on the Airport loud speakers.."this is the last and final boarding call for Anumeha Ajay.." Phew!
- Reach Mumbai. Yo has driven down from Pune to Mumbai. It was most unbelievable. I am meeting her after a year and a half. She says she wanted to ensure we meet once every year. This year would have gone by and thus she had to come :) Gifts me a book too :)
- I leave the country after that but this was not the end. I have a transit in JFK. And as I come out of the terminal, there he was. Kapil came over from Stamford to meet me. I just had 3 hours there in which one hour went into official formalities. And he knew it would be that way. But still came over.

Updated on 22 Oct: This post would be incomplete without a special mention of Amit, Amy the Shamy, who was far away, not in touch, did not know about my travel plans, but sensed it, and called me a day before i left. Thanks Amit! :)

Unbelievable! I am glad to have all of you for friends. I am very fortunate in friendship, I would say I am blessed with most amazing friends, and i am well aware of this fact. Touchwood!

dil dhoondhta hai...

..phir wohi fursat ke raat din!