Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All in a day's work..!

And this is truly hilarious! My cousin after her masters in computer application from a premium institute went on to join a renowned software firm. She was assigned a project and she found there was another fresher, also a girl, in her team. In the initial phase of trying impress people, these two were out there to do anything to outdo the other. As a result they never seemed to agree on the same points. One day they were called for a meeting – this was their first customer call. The manager asked both of them to record the minutes of the meeting. After the meeting both sent out the minutes to the manager. The manager called them and said its good to see you both have finally agreed upon something. Both their mails read – 8 minutes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

An excerpt..!

.. do you even know what time of the day it is. Why are you calling now?
Just wanted to check everything is ok. Anyway you are awake everyday till some unearthly hours, aren’t you? … were you sleeping? Oh..
Hmm.. I slept about half an hour back.
Ok, its ok if you want to sleep.. and not want to talk..
..not at this hour. Please.. we can talk in the morning.
Yeah.. may not exactly happen. I have a tight day tomorrow.. but its ok.. didn’t mean to disturb you.
No.. No you did not.. disturb me. Ok lets talk.. what do you want to talk about.
Nothing in particu.. hey I am getting another call. Why don’t I call you in five minutes?
But you will call right?
Oh yes I will.. ok.. 5 mins..
You didn’t call back.
Hey I know.. I am sorry, got busy.
Okay so you are hurt or something.
No, nope.. just thinking.. how you know everything about me, and I know nothing about you. You never meet my expectations.. but I still don’t stop expecting. How I fall flat on my face each time, and how I stand up again, and get ready for the next fall…
.. well! The thumb rule is – don’t expect anything. Did I ask you to? No right! I don’t get a nice feeling when people start expecting things from me.
People? People!
I mean friends included.
Hey you sound serious and all.
No I am not. (Why can’t I say the truth? Have I also become one of those.. People pleasers!)
You came, you saw, you conquered.
I just don’t understand how I allowed you to!
You know I have fallen for you. I know you know I have fallen for you. You take all the advantages. And you reciprocate from a safe distance. You are not dishonest, but you don’t tell me everything. And you are candid about it, that you are not comfortable telling me everything. You are not allowing me any insight into you. Yet you play with words when you want me to get weak and successfully have your way through.. what are you upto? And what the hell is wrong with me?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

..aur duniya na dikhe

muskurate gungunate zindagi chalti nahi
ashq ke bhi imtihaan hain, haan kami khalti nahi
sholay hain raahon mein aage chalna zaroori bhi sakhe
band kar lo dono aankhein aur duniya na dikhe

Thursday, April 9, 2009! Its all about numbers!!

Another tag from Iya. This was not as easy as it looked. So here is what it is supposed to do - if life could be defined in numbers, i should layout mine. Hmm.. was interesting, but ofcourse i have not done justice to it! Have attempted something nevertheless and here is my list!
0 - Every list starts from here. Now you know what I do for a living! :)
1 is the number of kicks I need to stop procrastinating and get working.
2 minds – dual personality – true Gemini!
3 is the highest number of back to back movies I have done in theatres.
4 is the time of the evening when I absolutely need caffeine.
5 the hour of the morning my alarm is set to and is also the number of times I snooze my alarm. (My snooze time is set to 15 minutes)
6 is the years I have been working, and have been away from home.
7 is the number of the hour. C-Sat is out and it is 7/7. 7 is also the number I in lighter moods identify with – Bond – 007! :)
8 is the number of educational institutions I have studied across.
9 is the number of states in India I have lived in.
10-dulkar is the best!!

And i hereby tag -
Sumi Di - this one is interesting!
Aditya - there is inactivity on your blog for a while!
and everyone else who would like to take this up. Just let me know! :)

Updated - Could not help playing with these numbers!
1 for the 1derland I always (at least once every day) slip in.
2day is what I live for and live in.
3 cheers for the friends I have in life! Its awesome to have you guys around!!
4ked was the path of life when I chose the road less traveled by.. and that made all the difference.
5 days of work followed by 2 days of party. Work hard party harder. New found mantra in life.
6 written thrice, is the devil’s number, and is my birth month too. Is that a coincidence?
7 years of vegetarianism got over when I..
..8 chicken on Saturday.. yes this is true!
B9 and compassionate – what i would want to be remembered as!
Con10t and happy – is what I want to be, always!


Further update - Some more people who are tagged and must complete this really soon -
Vini Bhaiya - welcome back to the world of blogging!
Amit - Kahaan hain aap? Chalo take this up now!
Addy - you have no escape ok!
Kapil - and what else were you thinking? you also HAVE to do it.
Dusty Fog - missing from the circuit yet again. Where art thou?
and last but not the least - Bua - really not sure if you would want to do this but would love to see your list! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Broken and shattered..!

This post is an original piece of work. Any resemblance to any speech (of certain mr amar, akbar or anthony) is purely coincidental.. oh no not even that.. any resemblance is just not possible. And if you still find some, know it its your fault ok!

Friends, Men Women, Countrymen, lend me your ears
I come here to tell you about the woes I underwent in the last couple of hours
The evil that airlines do shatters dreams of some
The good is often just bypassed, surpassed and forgotten
So let it be with me
The trustworthy Jet Blue
Told people there was bad weather in New York
And hence my flight was cancelled from Rochester
If it was so, it was a good enough reason to cancel it
But the flight was supposed to go from Syracuse into New York (when there was bad weather in New York!)
So come I speak at the funeral of a dream
That I cherished for the last two months
For I wanted to see Bryan Adams perform and was so kicked about it too.
I asked the customer care execs about the other options I had
And the best they suggested was to take a flight from Syracuse
Syracuse, which is 100 miles away
Folks the flight was supposed to depart in two hours time
And hence we got into the cab in next 15 minutes and rushed to Syracuse
We were in time for the flight and sat down in the terminal lobby
For the flight announced delay
Famished that we were, picked up a bagel and coffee
And waited for another hour
When they announced further delay
We ran out of topics for conversation too after a while
And between the yawns we heard the announcement
That the flight would take off only after half past seven
Shattered as I was, came out and got the trip cancelled at the counter
The trip that was planned two months in advance
And was dreamt about every day ever since.
So come I speak at the funeral of a dream
That I cherished for the last two months
For I wanted to see Bryan Adams perform and was so kicked about it too.
With no mood to spend a single extra dime on the way back
Which was important to be traversed still
Went to the bus station and took a bus back to Rochester
Nothing to do in the bus and too scared to plug in my iPod
For I could have missed an announcement and eventually my stop
All I did was sit quiet and think about the day gone by
And the preparations that were put in for this show
And the endorsements and advertising too that was part of the package
Of feeling excited and happy and thrilled and what not
But alas! This was perhaps not meant to be
So come I speak at the funeral of a dream
That I cherished for the last two months
For I wanted to see Bryan Adams perform and was so kicked about it too.
Ended has the dream and would understand may be a few
With shattering of this dream, my heart broke too..!

Addy: I hate you! So you are a second term in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry! You are good at your job dude.. hunh!

Iya: Ofcourse could not repeat Bangalore 2004.. and now you know why :(