Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ofcourse no one successful deserved success!

Did you think otherwise?

Some forums can be so enlightening. I was going through one crappy thread in one of the forums on the net where a bunch of Einsteins, who could neither manage one line of decent English nor one decent line of English, were dissecting the senior leadership of my organization. It was surely not in good taste. I don’t read too much in these but still was going through to catch the latest rumors. And here is the learning from the whole discussion. I am sorry for summarizing and not copying the entire thread. It was far more educational and interesting than I have it here.

- Some top guys, who obviously don’t deserve what they have, are ruining the corporate image and carving path for our downslide. And silly me, I was all through thinking the organization that has grown exponentially under the same leaders was able to reach these heights because of the hard work of all and able leadership of the higher ups. But now I know it was pure luck. So they are sure, and hence I am sure that downfall is near.

- And you always know the rule that if a woman is successful, she must have either “compromised” somewhere to get to the top, or someone much senior is trying to pursue her. Don’t tell me you didn’t know this?

- Oh, there is one more – organization wants to showcase some women in the top bracket to prove gender equality, and hence the better ones who are not necessarily good enough for the role get the big roles. So this was also discussed in details. Enlightened me some more.

- Then there were discussions about how the owner of this business has no head of his own. Yeah little did I know that this empire was not built by his brains, but the great minds that were colliding together in this forum.

- But the cherry on the icing was provided by this young man who obviously saw all the dirt and the mud-slinging and decided it was best place to ask this million dollar question – you guys seem to know a lot about this company. I got an offer letter from here, I am wondering if you could tell me if they will finally call me or not and should I join if they do. Look at this concern! I mean please look at his concern. Some buffoons on the internet are throwing insults at the company and the people, and ofcourse this is the best place, and these are the best people to seek your career advice from!

Kudos one, kudos all! I am sure all your billion dollar entities are doing extremely well under your able leaderships. Keep flourishing, good luck! And someday if the better sense prevails - Fut the shuck up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Standing up against piracy.. not coming easy. But I am trying my best. I am not downloading any music. I am not downloading any movie either. I am buying my books. Compromising in the process, on collectibles and not on integrity. I am buying what I want desperately want. It is expensive. But it is just. And hence I will try my best not to contribute to this so easily doable crime.

I am feeling good :)