Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's in a name anyway!

Something really wrong today. Have been working with a gentleman who owns a business we support for the last 12 months. His name is Tony. I usually don’t get to see him too often. Usually it is limited to phone calls and emails. But I had to meet him today. Pleading to give me more business. And what do I do. I keep calling him Tom all through. And every time I call him Tom, I realize, apologize, and correct myself. Now I have a reason if he does not give business to me. Anyway, a little while later, I meet a guy in the hallway whose name is Anuj. I know for over a year now that his name is Anuj. And I have always called him Anuj. Upon meeting him this afternoon, I go hey Anshul, how are you! And keep walking. The next second I realize my mistake but I just keep walking hoping he wouldn’t have heard me. This is a little unlikely though. There is a limit to embarrassment but guess not sometimes. If this was not enough already here is the final one. I am working, and i get a call from someone called Dawn. I saw her name flashing. And guess how I answer this call - Dawn speaking!

I guess I should go home now.