Friday, December 11, 2009

Yaad aayeinge yeh pal..!

My feet felt suffocated. My legs felt hung without support. I was restless in my sleep. I knew something was odd but could not place what. And then suddenly they breathed. They were freed from that predicament. And then there was a tap on my shoulder, after which my leg felt rested too. And my soul finally was at peace.

A busy intersection in Bangalore. An ocean of people all around. I grunted, grrrrr-ed and turned around, to pace ahead, and more importantly AWAY. But then I felt a tug on my jacket. A further tug on me. My head was tempted beyond imagination to lose cool.

Some not so memorable days, when there was that one extra sound in my throat, and one extra pulse in the heart. When back ached to get rid of that pulse. Some warmth was endowed and then after a brief trance, everything seemed much better. And hence this isn’t so bad a memory finally.

Together everywhere, package deal, buy one get one free. Who ever invited one, had to invite the other. Poor inviters! Were stuck.

Sharing is joy. It was indeed. Fighting is fun. It was indeed. Every equation, every relationship has to stand a test of time. And it did, indeed. After being coined as Tom and Jerry of the class, ignoring each other on many days out of the many many days we stayed together, howling and screaming, and exceeding each other’s expectations in putting a drama while fighting, but pouncing on and ripping on just about anybody who tried to step in to resolve issues, friendship matured and was proven.

The one who removed my shoes and tapped my shoulder to make me realize my hanging legs can be put on bed on those crazy days of work. The one I fought with at a busy intersection in Bangalore, and then she pulled me to fight further when I was trying to pull away – and this time I didn’t pull away. Always ready to give me the healing touch (she knows Reiki, and is good at it) on the days my breathing hurt. My room-mate for five years, and my friend for life, is embarking on a new journey towards being someone else’s room-mate for lifetime. And I am not jealous, not complaining!

Wishing you two a beautiful life full of glee and bliss!

Love always!