Sunday, May 23, 2010

mere ghar aana..

Jhingur jo shor the, unhi ka saath hai aaj kal
Ghanton kaise katein jab mushqil hai har ek pal
Mere ghar se kuchh bhi beshaq le kar jaao tum
Jhinguron se na mera tum peechha chhudana..
..kabhi fursat mile to mere ghar aana..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

its complicated!

No I do not think this is true. It can’t be. God made just one man, and just one woman. Just two human beings? Then how did the world diversify so much?? This is a lot of diversification. Take looks now. You can tell by the look of an individual which geography does he walk. But how did it all start. If climatic conditions only could make such difference, why would all multiple generation Afro-Americans in United States and all the multi-generations Asians too, not look like their American friends. I think God sneaked in some more individuals of different kinds when no one was looking. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If music be the food of love, play on!

How I wish I could sing well! How I wish I could play some instrument with ease and finesse. I could feel my fingers moving to some tunes automatically. I just knew it is about getting the keys right, I already have a sense of notes. But alas!

For the past few days I have been fooling people by putting my status message as “I am in love with my Piano”. This piano is just a very neat iPhone application. And well it works like a keyboard and you have to play it like a keyboard. It is not a game or anything else, it is a mini piano. (So technically my message wasn't entirely untrue.)

But I am struggling with it since its few days of existence in my world. I have not been able to play a single full song so far. I keep toying with the keys, but naah! Just does not seem to play the tune in my head. Guess it is not that easy after all. I have not given up though. Let’s see what lasts longer – patience, interest, iPhone. :) 

By the way, here is a piece of music that i discovered recently and liked a lot. Hope you like it as much as i did. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

e-go and do not come back!

I rode the high tide, conquered the seven skies, and earned the most coveted crown
I could have continued the saga and danced with the angels too but my ego took me down..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its a Movie kind of love..!

And I glide into the darkness and slide into a cushioned comfortable seat, chewing on popcorn, blackberry turned silent, aloof from the outside world, I allow myself to be engulfed into the surround sound of Dolby Digital. Trailers are important. I do NOT want to miss trailers of coming movies and hence prefer reaching for a movie ten minutes early. Perhaps the only place in the world where I reach ten minutes early. I love watching movies in theatre. I am not quite a movie buff outside it though.

When I was in Bangalore, the online bookings for a new movie opening on Friday started on Wednesday mornings. So as soon as I was up and awake on Wednesday mornings, straight to and safe number of tickets booked. Safe number because now who would call everyone and ask if they were interested in watching a certain movie. I would count the least number that would surely turn up for a show and booked for all of them. Though recovering money later was always a tad painful.  People always turned up though. PVR was my favorite haunt in Bangalore without a doubt. There were days when I was unable to work because of some bad migraine, so I started early from office. And on the way back I thought how comforting it would be to sit in the darkness and AC and enjoy a coffee and a movie without being disturbed. And believe me this formula worked on me.

Movies in US were a different experience altogether. Sometimes you feel like Maharani of Patiala because you and your friends are the only few people in the auditorium. Mostly you can have the row you desire completely to yourself and there are only a handful more people in the audi. So tickets are hardly an issue. IMAX is an exception to the rule though.

18 months in US, 61 movies and of course still counting..

The End. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Main der karti nahi, der ho jaati hai...

According to my previous day’s plan, I wanted to be in office at 8. This incidentally was exactly the time when I got up this morning. What followed was chaos! Rushing and running and rushing and running and finally after half-an-hour I stepped out of the house. I reached my car to realize I did not have my car keys in my bag. I went back inside once again to get the car keys. Were not at the right place. These things irk me no end. I have designated spot for all my keys and maintain this discipline fairly well, but just on the day I am getting late for office, keys are not in place. Well it did not take too long to find it as it was sitting alone on the corner table in the living room. I picked it up, came out, got in the car, and started for office. As soon as I came out of my parking lot and crossed the next parking lot, my eyes fell on a girl standing next to the bus stop bench who was waving at a taxi far distant. In any case, these taxis do not usually stop just by waving, you need to call the agency. She was in tears. As my car moved closer to her, she expectantly looked at my car, and at me. I knew there was a story. I stopped the car and rolled down the right window. I looked at her. She leaned forward as if pleading but she had lost her speech and could not find it till this moment. I asked – are you alright?

RIT? Yes, there was a question mark. RIT is short for Rochester Institute of Technology. She was asking me if I was going that side.

No, I am going in the other direction. [Small pause] Anything urgent?

I don’t know which bus now, I missed my shuttle. It is my first day today and am late. I do not know how to go. Can you tell me when the next bus is?

I could make out she was very tensed and I also knew there was no fast alternative. I was left with two choices, leave the kid on her own, after all she has come a long way from her country, she better learn to manage on her own; and second, well get further delayed to office, drop her to RIT.

Ok I will drop you, come sit.

Are you sure? She asked, eyes visibly lit up suddenly.

Yes, I said.

Thank you so much! She jumped into my car. I asked her to wear the seat belt. She did not waste any time and wore the seat belt while still having her backpack on her back. We started. I asked her which course –  

Bachelors. Thank you so much. Hey no not this way. We should have taken a left.

Don’t worry, I know where RIT is. But I am taking this route because, one, it is picturesque and two, no one is going to catch me for speeding, it is deserted.

We reached RIT in five minutes (it is actually very close). I dropped her at the gate and she thanked me. She insisted on me giving her my number. Apparently she wanted to call me later and thank me for all of this. I did not know why this was so important, she already thanked me, but I gave her my number.  She smiled, bowed and said thanks and then ran inside.

I was late to work, not only by my standard but by all standards, was not guilty about it, and in fact felt a wee bit smug too :)