Thursday, May 20, 2010

its complicated!

No I do not think this is true. It can’t be. God made just one man, and just one woman. Just two human beings? Then how did the world diversify so much?? This is a lot of diversification. Take looks now. You can tell by the look of an individual which geography does he walk. But how did it all start. If climatic conditions only could make such difference, why would all multiple generation Afro-Americans in United States and all the multi-generations Asians too, not look like their American friends. I think God sneaked in some more individuals of different kinds when no one was looking. 


Addy said...

I loled ! I dont know what u mean by "some more individuals of different kinds", but yeaaah !!

Prateek Sur said...

quite possi...
try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..and as well try following me jst like am following u..

Vagabond said...

theory of evolution
inter-racial breeding
climate as you have already mentioned.

reasons enuf eh?

nice blog here.

~anu~ said...

#Addy: you agree right! yeah what else :)

#Prateek: will be reading you in a short while.. :) about following, i am not following any so far and starting it right now means hurting some sentiments across the globe. so not sure about following, but you have a reader for sure :)

#Vagabond: well..this is what they say..but somehow.. this looks unreal :)

Iya said...

only u can come up with such things.. btw why r u not seen on my blog..all the gyan u gave me about visiting my page each day to be disappointed was all gas?

LADYBUG said...

Yes!! of course!, inter-racial migration. those are good questions, it makes you think ha!

MangoManBunty said...

:D :D

never thought this way! creative humor!