Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its a Movie kind of love..!

And I glide into the darkness and slide into a cushioned comfortable seat, chewing on popcorn, blackberry turned silent, aloof from the outside world, I allow myself to be engulfed into the surround sound of Dolby Digital. Trailers are important. I do NOT want to miss trailers of coming movies and hence prefer reaching for a movie ten minutes early. Perhaps the only place in the world where I reach ten minutes early. I love watching movies in theatre. I am not quite a movie buff outside it though.

When I was in Bangalore, the online bookings for a new movie opening on Friday started on Wednesday mornings. So as soon as I was up and awake on Wednesday mornings, straight to and safe number of tickets booked. Safe number because now who would call everyone and ask if they were interested in watching a certain movie. I would count the least number that would surely turn up for a show and booked for all of them. Though recovering money later was always a tad painful.  People always turned up though. PVR was my favorite haunt in Bangalore without a doubt. There were days when I was unable to work because of some bad migraine, so I started early from office. And on the way back I thought how comforting it would be to sit in the darkness and AC and enjoy a coffee and a movie without being disturbed. And believe me this formula worked on me.

Movies in US were a different experience altogether. Sometimes you feel like Maharani of Patiala because you and your friends are the only few people in the auditorium. Mostly you can have the row you desire completely to yourself and there are only a handful more people in the audi. So tickets are hardly an issue. IMAX is an exception to the rule though.

18 months in US, 61 movies and of course still counting..

The End. 


Prateek Sur said...

am a die hard movie buff..inside or outside the hall doesnt matter..3 years in chennai and am still counting my north india days were seeing movies was a bit more fun than here..but as coll friends go together in a group its darn gud fun..
try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts and follow me as i'm following u..

Prateek Sur said...

and u said u loved my posts abt the color pink then y dint ya follow me??follow me yaar.................

Naffy said...

i myself am i a great movie buff! I love that idea of just sitting there, coffee, popcorn on my own relaxing with a good chickflick or something! You've got the right idea!

daredevil said...

Annnuuu...wherez my list ??
And ofcourse whatever little I know abt movies is because of YOU. I remember the SUNDAYS 10:00 am when getting up early used to be a herculean task. But we still used to manage it somehow without brushing, washing our faces and fighting with the autowallas.
FUN days...miss those days ! :(

Addy said...

yeah.. PVR ! used to be awesome !! thanks for reminding me that place :) used to be fav. hangout !

~anu~ said...

#Prateek: I know its such good fun watching movies with friends! I tend to get distracted though if watching at home..

#Naffy: Isn't it! It is always SO relaxing!!

#Daredevil: Yeah Sundays 10 :D.. and once Kapil sneaked in some sandwiches also remember :) without brushing?????? talk about yourself huh! :)

#Addy: People went to temples and gurdwaras on sundays, and you know where i went :) PVR was cool! I never liked the new ones as much as PVR.

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