Sunday, May 23, 2010

mere ghar aana..

Jhingur jo shor the, unhi ka saath hai aaj kal
Ghanton kaise katein jab mushqil hai har ek pal
Mere ghar se kuchh bhi beshaq le kar jaao tum
Jhinguron se na mera tum peechha chhudana..
..kabhi fursat mile to mere ghar aana..


Nikita said...

wat does jhingur mean?

Bhupesh said...

Nice on!!!
Anu, Luckily i came to your blog (By simply clicking on Next blog on my blog page) and Now I am happy to read this blog.

Loved the way you have expressed the feelings of the lonely hearts and your hindi is quite good (why dont you write in hindi too, I meant to say using hindi font)

hoping to read a lot more from you

Shatter some more keys


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

~anu~ said...

#Nikita: Jhingur mean crickets. thanks for dropping by!

#Bhupesh: muchos gracias senor! will break my keyboard soon if such adulation is bestowed :)

#Joven: thanks joven! will sure be reading you soon.. thanks for dropping by!

MangoManBunty said...

All smiles *(:*

Reminded me of Ash-Ajay starrer Raincoat!

सुरेश शुक्ला said...
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सुरेश शुक्ला said...

मेरे घर आना

झींगुर जो शोर थे, उन्हीं के साथ है आजकल
घंटों कैसे काटें जब मुश्किल है हर एक पल
मेरे घर से कुछ भी बेशक ले कर जाओ तुम
झींगुरों से ना तुम मेरा पीछा छुड़ाना ..
.. कभी फुरसत मिले तो मेरे घर आना ..

मैंने आपके लिए देवनागरी में फिर से लिख दिया है, कृपया इसे भी साथ में पोस्ट कर दें।

अक्सर कविताएँ पढ़कर मेरी बत्ती गुल रहती है, लेकिन यह अलग है। छू गई है और गुनगुनाने को मन कर रहा है।

~anu~ said...

#Mangoman: Havent seen it but sounds like errr.. a compliment :)

#Suresh: Thanks very much for your liking it so much and putting in so much effort. but sir there are some slight errors in the conversion. Besides does it really matter which script it is! will be difficult to maintain it in future. I really appreciate, thanks a lot, and thanks for dropping by!

सुरेश शुक्ला said...

Script does matter to some, see Bhupesh's comment above. This particular poem is slightly easier to read in Hindi.

I didn't mean writing a new post, just an update of this existing post. I revise my articles, if I find new related things.

लिखते रहो :)