Wednesday, September 15, 2010


15 inches wide, a very old fashioned computer monitor screen never looked small or old. It was an almost-student life after all. Exams were thankfully over. This was the 'phew!' moment that came every six months. We came back from office. Wanted to rest and do something fun too.  So finally settled for a movie. There was a movie rental store around the corner. Any good movie would have done. Lets watch a new hindi movie, suggested Sandy. Ok, so we brought the latest hindi good movie , 15 park avenue, home.

Drew the curtains, switched on the kitchen light, fan on full speed, started the movie and positioned ourselves for some entertainment from the very entertaining Mrs Iyer Konkana Sen. That was the only movie of hers that we had seen so far, and we thought she could act. And we were right. But we wanted some entertainment and here we were watching a very slow, very heavy and a little dark 15 Park Avenue. As if exams were not enough for setting this atmosphere. Ok great ensemble cast, but this was not the mood. Anyway, this being the only movie we had, we went ahead with the plan and continued watching it. What were the options anyway! After a heavy dose, Noopur stretched, sighed, showed her very heavy looking eyelids that she was forcing to keep open.  Should we have some chai, asked Noopur. I thought it was a great idea but the very next moment Sandy asked - Milk? Oh no! You are right Sandy, milk is over. :(  Noops rolled her eyes. I offered lemon tea. We had one eye set on the movie all along. They reluctantly agreed for lemon tea (they didn’t know they were meeting the best in business). I stepped in the big kitchen area of my small studio apartment (sounds fancier than a hall with kitchen and bathroom). Still an eye on the movie. Those two also got back to being engrossed. The movie suddenly stopped. Probably the system was hung. I was waiting for it to carry on its own. It’s an ordeal otherwise, kill the app, unload the CD, load again, and then position it to the same scene. Noopur broke the short silence. Phans gaya hai, theek karo. Hmm.. coming. The moment I took my first step towards the computer, we saw some white text scrolling up from the bottom. It read – “A film by Aparna Sen”.

There were three stunned faces in the room. We finally got a kick out of this and could not stop laughing. So finally a dull moment was successfully converted into fun time!
Well why did I get reminded of this episode today? I saw ‘The American’. Playing in theatres near you – go watch if you want :)