Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dhobi waat!

Conversation with the son of a Dhobi who works somewhere close to my apartment. I had told the apartment security guard about my requirement of a dhobi-with-a-quick-turnaround-time. He found one. So this dhobi sent his son to collect my dirty laundry. 

Me: How much do you charge?
Little boy: Friday
Me: Hmm.. ok.. Wednesday?
Little boy: Wednesday.. Appa mdfdfnhenrg perleljrin knksdsdorer phone ljsldlngrtr.
Me: ok friday is fine. But charges? I tried to explain by tossing an imaginary coin in air a few times. 
Little boy: blank stare 
Me: Ok no problem. But get these on Friday ok.
Little boy: Haan friday. Appa mdfdfnhenrg perleljrin knksdsdorer phone ljsldlngrtr.

This was three weeks back. I do not know where my bed sheets are. And the next worry is when / if I get those back, what amount of my life will I have to sign off to cover the charges. I never phoned Appa. The security guy has assured me he will trace him. "He is a trusted guy and he would have perhaps gone to his village due to some emergency or something", is what I have been told. 

Sigh.. waiting! woh subah kabhi to aayegi.. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'ts all downhill from here :)

Alright so have entered the new decade and it is not as bad as i imagined it to be. My face hasn't wrinkled suddenly, I am not grumpier, and not wiser either. My teeth are intact, i lost three teeth in the early twenties though. I have not lost appetite for junk or speed or rock music. So perhaps it is actually not that bad. Friends were gentler than i imagined. I was wicked when some of them touched 30. I am surprised as I am grateful. :)

So guess i am geared for this decade which i have a feeling is going to turn out well. And if it does not go all that good, i will come back and shred this post.