Friday, January 27, 2012

with bricks and beams and love and dreams

As I am inching towards the completion of construction of my apartment, which is still a long way away, these days it’s all about the house. My browsing has shifted from reading all kinds of blogs to those that are dedicated to home styling and interiors. I don’t even know what I will achieve through this random browsing because all the things that I look for and am drawn to are beyond my affordability. Let’s just say at this point my affordability is near zero. Slowly we will get somewhere someday. But today it’s like wonderland for me. I drift there once every day and create a mental map of what goes where, which colour, what texture, furniture, upholstery, drapes, fittings, accessories, appliances, rugs, towels, crockery, dustbin...everything.
When I was in school, we were once preparing for the new-year decoration on the school bulletin board. And I was in-charge of a very prominent quote that had to come in big and bold on that board. I just knew what I wanted. I wanted a 3D view of it and hence decided to go with thermocol (a very common idea), but there was more to it. I had decided to cut out each alphabet and coat it with oodles of gold shimmer. I could picture the scintillating and sparking alphabets on the centre of the board, totally ruling the show. But when we did the cut outs and coating, they didn’t match the impact I had in my mind. And when we arranged those on the dirty pink (why god why?) background on the board, well, those looked pretty awful. Teachers do appreciate when you put in some effort, so appreciation came along, but not the kind I expected. And there was a good reason behind it - that it looked ordinary.
I live in the fear of doing the same to my house. May be I will just leave it at the basic. May be I will decorate it only after a few years when I have money to buy good stuff and professional designer help. But until then I will have fun wandering in my wonderland :)