Saturday, February 11, 2012

All the joy at city of joy!

I am a good traveller usually. I am fairly decently traveled, for someone my age and sphere of work, and do not have hangups about trips. But a business trip to Kolkata, for the second time in one month, was giving me some, very minor but still some, headache. The thought of outside food, laundry, daily commute to and fro, and not being able to browse from home (this has become such an inseparable part of our lives) was making me feel sick from a day before the travel. I was trying to ease myself but sudden flashes of kolkata airport, which is one of the most badly managed airports in the country, was stressing me further. Let me be fair to Kolkata airport first of all. One, I do not have to sit their for hours that I need to complain, and secondly, it is in this shape because the new airport isn't yet up and they are still operating out of the old airport. And this sure is at par with the likes of Bangalore and Hyderabad old airports. Guess I just had set a mood against the travel and thus all these forced concerns.  

But I had to travel so I did. And guess what, I came back a happy visitor! With a world of appreciation for the city! Kolkata still has some english charm about it. It has something to offer to everyone. And to top it all I met the nicest of people this time around. Believe me these morning chai sessions were so relaxing as well as energizing that I looked forward to the mornings, including the monday morning by the way. Evenings were relaxing and the nights very peaceful. As one of them rightly said, a place gets a name good or bad because of its people. I experienced lot of warmth and the best of Kolkata hospitality. I had the best street food in a long time.  Got to give it to Kolkata and the people. 

I even got a chance to go to one of the local carnival. Splendid! I have carried some cute little typical mela stuff back home with me. Pity that I could not stay another day, else I would have caught the brand new mela in town that started on day I came back. I am up and excited for the next trip, whenever it comes up! 

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phatichar said...

Yes, I've been to the city of joy like countless times, as we lived just a few hours overwhelms you and cajoles you at the same time.

I felt nostalgic when I saw the opening credits of Kahaani.

And now... :)