Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!

This was written a good 12 years back for one of my best friends then, now and forever! 

Iya, this is for you. Happy Birthday! 

I had to search very hard to find this, but I could not think of a better gift for you on your birthday (that came free of cost! ;)) 

In the heaven camp:
The machine has stopped producing, the fault is terrible 
We will have to stop production for a while, we are out of raw material
When the creator got the news he asked,
"Which raw material did not last?"
They said it was the main
Out of all the things, they ran short of Brain!
He went hysterical.. and then thought for a while
And said - "well, go product a girl!
A boy without brain - too much of a pain!
Girls inherit some wit, and if this is indispensable, so well, be it!"
So to compensate the shortage, they had a deal
In place of brain, they doubled her appeal
The added extra eye-lashes, they added more color to her lips
And thinking they were doing such good job
They even added some extra to her hips!
Shoulders were made slender
Touch was made tender
Unusual colored lustrous hair
Height - average, complexion - fair..
But the upper department was empty and hence
Temper was poured in abundance
And after this effort they thought the battle was won
It was the fourteenth of July, nineteen eighty one
So in the next train down, they booked a berth
And sent this miracle to the dear Earth
Girls envy her, guys try to woo
Ladies and Gentlemen, thats Ms Iya Bhatia Malhotra for you!


Addy said...

Good one !! :) Happy birthday Iya.

MeAnEnigma said...

Nice :-) Happy Birthday gal!

Iya said...

Although I don't agree to some of it, I still love it totally! Thanks and muhhhaaaa!!

Ps: glad you could find it!

~anu~ said...


Coming back after a long hiatus and finding some faithfuls.. priceless!

Iya my friends wished you.. say thanks! be a good girl :)