Monday, September 23, 2013

yeh na socha tha kabhi.. itne yaad aaoge tum..!

I can feel the silken touch of your cool moisturized fingers, smelling of Ponds, on my face. You sitting in your gown after a shower, hair neatly combed and tied, face glistening, a slight smile in your eyes and on your lips.. and you singing "jab hum na honge to ro ro ke duniya, dhoondhegi mere nishaan.."

On my way down to see you last week, all I could think of was the phone calls I did not return, the messages that i replied after hours, the phone calls I did not make, and the things I should have told you, and the things i should not have said.. the patience i did not keep on occasions.. It was very important for me that you knew those were no measures of my love for you. When I met you in the hospital you recognized me, paused on my face, and smiled at me, I had that extreme sense of satisfaction. I can't tell you how glad I am that I met you before you left. That smile was so important, that last goodbye was so very important. 

I love you and I cannot tell you how much I miss you! Rest in peace Amma..  


Prathima said...

So sorry to hear it. Hardest thing. Anyone has to go through must be losing a parent.

Ratna Rao said...

Anu, many hugs and much love to you. This is a sad thing to happen.